Benefits of Online Ads

  • Online medium attracts the attention of advertisers as a more productive source to bring in consumers.
  • Also the consumers have control in choosing the product which is a clear advantage.
  • Online advertisements may also offer various forms of animation.
  • Large variety of online ads to choose from: Floating ad, Expanding ad, Polite ad, Wallpaper ad, Trick banner, Pop-up, Pop-under, Video ad, Map ad, Mobile ad, Superstitial and Interstitial ad.
  • Display advertising appears on web pages in many forms, including web banners. These banners can consist of static or animated images, as well as interactive media that may include audio and video elements. Display advertising on the Internet is widely used for branding.
  • Display advertising is becoming much more targeted to users, much like how search engine ads can be extremely relevant to users based on what they are searching for.


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