Content Writing

Web Content Writing

We concentrate more on the actual content which can speak about the core purpose of the website. We gather all information about the business and then deliver the content which would be apt for the business. Also as a part of the research we gather the details from the concerned person to deliver the apt content. We are very much concerned in delivering a content which optimized to most of all the search engines which increases the credibility of the business. As all businesses are not the same and the content varies from business to business, it is one of our basics we follow delivering unique content every time as per the requirements of individual businesses.

Blog Content Writing

Blog writing has become very popular as it even doesn't require a website and act as an alternate for website to some extent. This has forced the clients to have their presence in blog to create a niche in the social networks. Blogs give room for two way communication and instantly the information is shared and feedback is received. Even the great experience about the company and grievances are known very easily. We craft unique blog content in an interesting and attaching some element of fun to it to provide actual information and to give great experience for the visitors all the time. In this context we also concentrate on Search engine optimized content as it is one of the vital factors to overcome the competition. Search engine optimization links businesses and customers directly by saving actual expense incurred either through online or offline for inorganic promotion.

Press Release Content

Everyone wants to be published on media so as to gain fame and to be reached amidst their circle. Thus press release writing occupies an important position in the media by creating a niche for the business in the myriad of target audience. We are able to cater in the process with our expertise and contacts with in media and presence in many forms. Clients are able to get the desired outcome without facing much difficulty in the actual process. Any announcements about launch of a product, information about conference or any other piece of information are crafted with effective press releases with our wide experience. We at Ajanta creatives suggest apt media for kind of press releases with our extensive contacts built across media. Also it is published in leading publications as expected and desired by the clients.